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HexaShared is a improved leading BPO service provider, offering ultimate solutions to our the customers. We hold expertise in designing custom processes and achieving excellent outcomes for clients. We are committed to achieve the goal of excellence through accelerating the processes and magnifying customer satisfaction.

We have more than twenty years of experience. During that time, we’ve become expert in freight transportation by air and all its related services. We work closely with all major airlines around the world. Ongoing negotiations ensure that we always have the cargo space.

Improved bottom line, Enhanced Opertaing Efficiencies & Accelerated growth

Imagine an outsourcing partner who takes care of your operational challenges, like a seamless extension of your own organization. For many years, Hexashared has been just such a partner for businesses around the globe.

Rely on HexaShared for end-to-end Business Process Outsourcing Services, F&A, BPO, Call Center, Live Chat & Chat Support, On Call Support, Data Entry & Lead Validation Services.

Our BPO Services?

Start Outsourcing in India. Cut labor costs by 72%.

While there are several reasons to choose us we would like to highlight the nine reasons that stand out.

Proven Successful Track, De-Risked Solutions for Customers, Value for money, Customers first, Organizational Value System, People & Competencies, Quality process/work, Service Delivery platform, Operational Methodologies

Realizing BPO SERVICES benefits from us
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Customer Support

Due to the unpredictable economic environment forcing businesses to focus on their core capabilities, customer support outsourcing has been more popular recently. Outsourcing customer support services increases customer satisfaction while lowering costs. Organizations are concentrating on improving the customer service experience in order to create long-lasting relationships with customers, boost customer loyalty, and establish their brands as they do not need to create and manage these resources.

Data Entry

To improve forecasts, make wise decisions, and reach specified company objectives, it is critical to collect and store accurate and logical business data today. As more and more industries rely on technology, organizations are increasingly dealing with a wider variety of data.Data entry services are a necessary component of the document management industry and must adhere to strict quality standards to create error-free data.

Data entry and storage need patience, focus, and accuracy. Organizations all around the world are outsourcing their mundane data entry work to offshore firms in order to stay focused on their more important business objectives.


In the highly developed global environment of today, nearly 80% of the world’s population shops online using computers, smartphones, and tablets to browse, research, and compare goods and services. Businesses require highly strategic ecommerce data management and store management services to become more competitive in the information age that we are presently living in. Today, e-commerce is without a doubt the most widely acknowledged method for companies and merchants to present and sell their goods and services in an effort to attract customers’ attention and appreciation.

Lead Validation

HexaShared ensures complete lead validation and verification, saving you from ever wasting time on a bogus lead. We are aware that managing a lead database presents particular issues for every business. Consequently, we have created specialized solutions that are prepared for any of your demands thanks to our 15 years of expertise validating, improving, and managing lead databases for a variety of clients.

Email Campaigns

Ensure your emails reach the right inboxes and get the attention they deserve. Our campaign platform provides robust email tracking capabilities, allowing you to see when recipients open your emails and engage with your content. Plus, we prioritize deliverability, so your messages aren’t lost in spam folders, ensuring that your campaigns have the greatest impact.

Frequently Asked Question

Why HexaShared for BPO outsourcings?

We will maintain and upgrade solutions to meet businesses specific needs and budgets, from large enterprises to SMB's till local business, from simple solutions for small offices to complex enterprise-class systems for better and ease results.

How do you benefit us

Is the data with you accurate or Outdated?

Our verification process works in a way as the list goes through three verification checks:
1. Email Verification
2. Phone Verification
3. Social Media Verification

Frequency of updates: The database gets updated once in 45 days and is
an ongoing process. As a quality check process we re-verify the database
prior to list delivery once the criteria is confirmed so that all the bad names
and addresses are eliminated to ensure higher deliverability and

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