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World-class resources and exceptional service to each and every one of our clients.

What you really need to know about HexaShared is we’re all about you. It helps you build “your team, your way” in the most flexible, easy and cost-effective way.

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Offerings Explained

“This is not just about immediate cost savings or replacing some non-critical roles with offshore teams.

It’s completely about rethinking and reimagining the way one builds and runs a business and gaining access to the new global workforce of tomorrow, especially talent from countries with comparable skills and cost advantages like India.

It’s a profound and transformational opportunity that still lies ahead for many businesses.”



  • To provide IT services to our trusted customers, employees and stake holders.
  • To successfully deliver benefits to consumers and business using innovative products, intelligent solutions and services.
  • Our expertise and customer oriented approach makes us a partner of choice for our customers.
  • To generate sustainable return on investments for focused business growth.
  • To welcome change as an opportunity and recognize difficulties as learning instruments.
  • To work together as a team to ensure mutual success.



Our professionals in the HexaShared network work hard to live up to our core values and each one of us has a greater responsibility to serve our clients with highest levels of integrity.


Sustainable and profitable business development is the main requirement for all our activities. Our activities are primarily aimed at creating value for stakeholders and responsible to the society.


Innovation is the key to our business that generates value for money. New technologies and new ways of doing business is on demand all the time. Hence we embrace innovation for the benifit of our clients.


We always strive to achieve the highest standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of the solutions and services we provide. Through the synergy of various personal and professional skills, we form the best team. We encourage our employees to use their creativity and potential for mutual success.


We encourage mutual respect and open dialogue in all of our relationships. We treat everyone fairly and with care and compassion in our actions. We work closely with our colleagues, customers and partners around the world and build strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation.

Positive Social Impact

We always work for the benefit of the communities we serve to create a positive social impact. We act responsibly, are sensitive to the community and the environment, and know very well that what comes from people, gets back to people time and time again.
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Why Choose us?

Start Outsourcing in India. Cut labor costs by 72%.

While there are several reasons to choose us we would like to highlight the nine reasons that stand out.

Proven Successful Track, De-Risked Solutions for Customers, Value for money, Customers first, Organizational Value System, People & Competencies, Quality process/work, Service Delivery platform, Operational Methodologies

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Full time employees

Sourced & Trained by Our Expert Team.

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Projects Completed

Strategically Located in India, Bangalore and finish the works.

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Hours Worked done

Learning and Growth. We’re building a learning organization.
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Years of Experience

Experience in Building Offshore and Remote Teams.

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